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How long does it take to summarize a deposition?

Depositions are one of the most vital tools for civil lawsuits. They are extremely important for the case discovery process. Therefore, it is very important for any lawyer to thoroughly go through all the aspects of depositions to summarize easily, productively, and quickly.

A deposition summary captures some accurate and pin-pointed recommendations of the witnesses that can prove to be important at the time of trial. The main challenge while doing so is to ensure that all of the witness’ testimonies are correct and to the point and can be retrieved when required. It is more like condensing the complete ocean into a single drop, without losing its meaning. Thus, the duration required to sum up all of this would depend on the complexity of the case and detailing required ensuring correctness of the report. There are many deposition summary examples that had taken only a few hours in preparation.

What is a Deposition Summary?

Basically, a deposition summary is the abridged form of the deposition transcript. This means, that these notable points are the crux of the whole incidence. This summary goes hand in hand with its original form and thus offers a quicker and efficient alternative during trials. Also, these synopses allow verification of the crucial details from time to time when required.

A deposition summary has very high significance throughout the litigation, from discovery to motion practice. Attorneys fetch loads of help and significance through deposition summaries through:

  1. Preparations of pretrials
  2. Preparations of trial witness tests.
  3. Preparing interrogations

The Deposition Summary Process

The process of construction of a deposition summary includes three major steps:

  1. The first step is to go through the complete transcript and concentrate on different facets of attorney and witness statements.
  2. The second step is highlighting the crucial points in the transcript that need to be pointed out and must be included in the summary.
  3. Last but certainly not least. The main step, summing up. This step includes the systematic enlistment of all the highlighted key points as charts or tables. Summaries should have a strong connection between points in a narrative form.

Deposition Summary Preparation Time 

As mentioned above, the total time taken in the preparation of the deposition summary depends upon various aspects. It varies with the cause, transcript, criteria, and even the lawyers. However, broadly speaking, it should take around two to three hours. But for some really complex scenes, it can even take more than a day.

Final Words

The deposition summary is one of the most crucial requirements for lawyers. It must be prepared with the utmost caution and accuracy. Thus, the duration of its preparation should never get priority over the correctness and precision of the summary.

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